Politicians may destroy Darjeeling

One of the natural haven, Darjeeling is again under gross unrest created by the so called politicians of the hills. Breaking ,setting fire to different tourist attractions blocking highway are here and there.
Politicians are not only creating unrest but also destroying the economy of Darjeeling, affect of which have to be bore by the common people of hills.

Politicians to fulfill their high ambitions are putting the hills people in a really bad social and economical situation.Their are people of several races and religions are residing together in India.This hills politicians are provoking and misleading
a very small section of population of India in the name of Gorkha Land (using a name of a race) without considering pros and cons and geographical feasibility of the demand and consequent resultant.

Both the Governments Central and State are sanctioning big amounts of money for the development of hills.They both are deeply sympathetic towards hills population and their development.

A big North East portion of India is affected by militancy for last many years with the help of some foreign countries, and it can not be guaranteed that militants are not active in Darjeeling
also behind the curtain or may not provoke militancy under current situation of hills.

Actions in favor of disintegration may lead Darjeeling in grave situation in future. For More see updates of this post.

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