Durga Shakti may not get fair treatment from UP Govt

We apprehended prior hand that suspended IAS Durga Shakti may not get fair treatment from UP Govt. through our article and see Latest Media report says “UP invokes major penalty proceedings against Durga, may face dismissal”
“Determined to make an example of Durga Sakthi Nagpal, the Akhilesh Yadav government has initiated major penalty proceedings against the young IAS officer that comes with a punishment as severe as dismissal or compulsory retirement.”

It is a matter of frustration that imposing dismissal on IAS Durga Shakti, who acted for a good cause, by UP state govt do not show any Chivalry of UP Chief Minister rather will be a show of misuse of power against a truthful officer and support for UP Mafias.

Imposing drastic action on a good IAS vindictively and being bias UP Govt. may want to convey message to other IAS and IPS simply not to disturb Mafias of the state.
But we don’t think that people of UP are not understanding the actual situation. UP CM should learn from the public reaction against West Bengal CPIM led Left Front Govt. who ruled the state for 35 years.

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